"When it is right, coaching is a magical relationship. Founded on trust and honesty, coaching has the potential to uncover your deepest wisdom and insight, and the answers you have been searching for.

But it takes the right coach for YOU."

So, let's get to know one another.


“What’s it like to be on the receiving end of you?”

It was one of the most important questions I’ve ever been asked. It set me on the path of self-discovery and began my quest to become the truest and most authentic version of myself. I was 21 years old and working for a global financial services organisation. I had begun my career in the training and development of people and was being coached to understand my personal impact on people. It was mind-blowing to me to experience how a powerful question could lead to meaningful self-discovery.

Young and enthusiastic, I was a “high performer.”

There was a ladder to climb, and I climbed it: promotions, awards, the recognition I craved. I had a fire in my belly that kept me going when things felt really challenging. Then one day the fire went out. I was tired of having to meet a definition of success that was set by others. I ran out of steam trying to be what I thought everyone else wanted me to be. I felt like a complete failure. I felt guilty for not fulfilling the expectations I imagined people had for me. And I felt even worse for not doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  It felt really, really hard to be me.


When I burned out at the age of 36, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Physically my body was exhausted and broken from years of a work-hard-play-hard life. I was in a very dark place mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I knew I needed to take time out to recharge and reset - and that a 2 week holiday wasn’t going to cut it.  Something needed to give. Acknowledging that need was the start of my healing process. That was 4 years ago and walking away from my corporate career was the best thing I ever did.


Curiosity has served me well in becoming who I am... and in creating a successful life.

It has also caused me a lot of angst and unnecessary pain and anxiety. Once I learned the secret - that fulfilment and a life filled with meaning is generated by being true to yourself and becoming wildly authentic - I knew it was my mission to help others to do that too.


Facing my biggest fear was the most surprising, rewarding and liberating thing I have ever done.

My biggest fear was always losing my Dad. We were exceptionally close – he was my best friend, my role model, my confidante, my soulmate. Being able to bring joy, laughter and presence to the last months of his life - and to help him let go of this physical world in peace and joy - was my greatest achievement.

That is, until I became a mother to my utterly incredible son, Maximilian. When I became a mother, it felt like a part of me that I had always carried finally had an outlet. I am a mother and I always have been. But now I get to be a mother to him. And it’s beyond my wildest dreams – because HE’S HERE.

When I decided hone my skills as a coach, I invested in myself to learn from one of the best coaches in the world. I travelled to the USA to become a Certified High Performance Coach - a research based coaching process which shows you exactly how to become the best version of yourself and create an extraordinary life.   My mentor coaches Oprah, Presidential candidates and Olympic athletes. Investing in myself helped me heal and grow beyond what I ever thought possible. It has allowed me to completely transform how I live my life and create a life of alignment, joy and ease.

I left behind a life structured around other people’s definition of success and have created a life of purpose and meaning, one that is wildly authentic to who I am and what matters most to me. It would be my highest honour and a great joy to help you craft your wildly authentic life.


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About You

I work with amazing, talented, successful women - but I can often see their greatness with a lot more clarity and conviction than they can. At least 70% of the women I work with and have met in my professional career suffer from imposter syndrome. They often feel that whatever they do, it will never be enough, and they harbour secret doubts about themselves and their abilities. Of course on the outside, they are confident and assured. Most people would never know they feel that way about themselves deep down. These women are too busy keeping it together to let their masks slip and show their vulnerability.


This lack of authenticity is exhausting, and it will keep you from fully living.


If this sounds like you - my challenge to you is to make a commitment to overcome whatever doubts and old limiting stories hold you back and make the most important decision of your life: to put yourself and your own happiness and fulfilment first.


It’s not easy - but it is entirely possible - to completely transform how it feels to be you. And to be successful in a way that celebrates your uniqueness and authenticity.


Who would you love to be? What challenges are you facing right now in your life that could provide you with an opportunity to surprise yourself? Who are those challenges calling you to become? What lies within you that longs to be said or done? These are the questions I sincerely encourage you to contemplate.


And as soon as you gain some clarity or some new insight, TAKE ACTION!


Fortune favours the brave, and I know you have courage beyond what you ever thought possible - and that courage becomes unstoppable when you have the right support as you leap in the direction of your dreams.


Get a sense of what is possible with the right support by looking at the stories of some of the amazing women I’ve worked with and the results they’ve created.


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