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Use Your Fears to Your Advantage and Create Unshakeable Self-Belief!

Let me show you how I overcame crippling fear of failure to create unshakeable self-belief and a wildly successful life and business        
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If you’ve found your way here, you are likely searching for a different way to live your life.

A way filled with more ease and less worry, more confidence and less imposter syndrome, more balance and less overwhelm.  

A life where you stop secretly wondering, “Is this it? Is this all there is?’ Where you go on to create a richer life of meaning, fulfilment AND success by unleashing more of your unique potential. 


Imagine life feeling infinitely easier... Having time to do all the things that matter without feeling like you are constantly lurching from one thing to the next, never fully present. You can develop the confidence to show the world who you really are. You can create a life filled with balance and flow, where your fears don't keep you stuck in never ending analysis paralysis.  


The self belief that will fill you with a deep unwavering confidence is within your reach. There is a process you can follow, clear steps you can take and practical strategies you can learn which will completely transform how it feels to be you.  The secret is learning to use your fears to your advantage. It's a sure fire way to create unshakeable self belief.  

It’s exactly why I created this mini-course ‘Create Unshakeable Self-Belief’.  

Because, when I realised there was a simple step-by-step formula to create unwavering confidence, I had to pour it into a short, sharp mini-course and make it accessible to as many women as possible!

One thing I know for sure, when you start to take action in the direction of your own inspired ideas, magical things begin to happen.
I’ve seen it time and time again... 

Gain Instant Access for £19


"Thank you so much for doing this mini course. I've had a couple of ah-ha moments already!

I didn't realise why I wasn't motivated lately and now I realise that my fears are trying to keep me safe. They're also stopping me being rejected, because if I don't put myself out there I can't get hurt.

I also realised that my fears are the indicators of where I should be heading and when I'm on the right path. They show up when I need to push on in exactly that direction... 
It dawned on me during the questions that I have nothing to fear, because on the other side of my fears is the me I've always wanted to be. I'm both sides of it. There's love and safety all around. I've already been through my worst fear, I don't need to be afraid any more, because I survived.

I've been sitting in the dark waiting for the sun to come up and I feel like I just realised I live in the 21st century - there's a bloody light switch right there! I just needed to flick it on!

Thank you so much for guiding me through this and thank you for sharing your own story xx"

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What you will get -

  • A series of five video lessons which will help you to develop a deep insight into the workings of your mind, in particular how to  get unstuck and create more success
  • Research-proven strategies and tools I’ve learned and developed in over 20 years specialising in people development, transformation and successful change. I'll show you how to use and apply these tools in your own life every day, to overcome your fears and develop deep authenticity  
  • A beautiful coaching workbook that will lead you on a powerful process of self-discovery and connect you to your inner wisdom
  • Inspiring examples of exactly how you can use your fears to your advantage and create your own unshakeable self belief
  • A guided meditation to help you instantly access calm within the daily chaos and become deeply confident in yourself and your abilities 
  • A community of like-minded women who share their own "Ah-ha!" moments, hopes and dreams and support you in yours
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"Fears are the only thing standing between you and the future that you dream of. Let's stop that today"


"One of the best things I got from the mini course is:  Do it scared and imperfect!  If you wait for everything to be perfect or until you’re not afraid, you’ll never pull the trigger to change your situation. It was so life changing to realise it’s not selfish to put yourself first and it’s not conceited to toot your own horn, especially to YOURSELF!!!!

The workbooks are extremely helpful as they help to guide the flow of thought in an easy, non-confrontational way.  When you have to write answers to the questions it solidifies the concepts in your brain more than solely hearing about them."

You'll be guided step by step to learn

  • Why your fears are the gatekeepers to your wildly successful life
  • Exactly how to identify what's keeping you stuck and how to move forward with confidence and ease
  • The secret trick of following your feelings to find your answers so that you always know your next best move 
  • The importance of taking aligned action and using a simple planning process that will completely revolutionise what you prioritise and how much you get done
  • How to create the conditions you need to thrive and feel your confidence build day by day 
  • Why building your resilience is the secret to sustaining your success and the exact strategies, tools and tactics you can use each day to do feel more energised, focused and balanced

You can
create a life filled with more balance, freedom and impact
without having to always feel like you are plate spinning, splattering yourself and simmering in stress!  By letting go of the doubts and fears that keep you from fulfilling your potential and learning how to shine your light more brightly, you can Create Unshakeable Self-Belief and live your most fulfilling life.

Start right now for only £19

This mini course is perfect for you if -  

  • You are ready to find a different way to live your life or run your business
  • You are hesitating, holding back and doubting yourself which is keeping you stuck
  • You are ready to lead with more power and impact and a deep soul-fuelled authenticity 
  • You suffer from self-doubt, lack confidence and worry about being ‘found out’ 
  • You are often in overwhelm and too ‘busy’ which impacts your ability to focus and concentrate
  • You want to create clear boundaries in your relationships to free you from resentment and struggle
  • You are a perfectionist and can often waste time going round in circles and not taking action - creating guilt and fuelling your inner critic

I hear you, I was you!
And so many women feel the same.
That’s why I’m making it available now for only £19.
I want as many women as possible to experience the life changing breakthroughs that are unlocked when you Create Unshakeable Self-belief.  


Wow, have listened to this with my eyes closed so I could really feel and hear what you are saying...... I love how my dreams, visions have now turned into practical steps to achieve.

I really needed this at this moment, as I have sooo many ideas and have now managed to prioritise and put steps into place to achieve them still including daily self care!

The clarity is liberating, and feels expansive.......xx


Thank you, Mel. Lesson 3 was both inspirational and practical. I can't wait to plan out my next 3-5 years and break these goals down into manageable chunks. I feel that with my business, I do have lots of plans but these get shoved aside when the actual day-to-day work needs done. So a more targeted approach is required! Thanks again.

I'm Mel MacIntyre

I'm a mother, a partner, a business owner.  I’ve created my own wildly successful AND authentic life.
But it’s not just me! I’ve helped hundreds of others to do the same, as a coach and mentor to so many soul searching and heart-led women who knew deep down they had more to give.

I believe that the world is broken and desperately out of balance, and as women it’s our job to help redress the balance.

I believe the world needs more women who lead with the courage, confidence and conviction that comes from tapping into who you really are, authentically at your very core, and then living your life  from THIS place.  

This is why it's VITAL you overcome your fears and create unshakeable self-belief!

One of the things I see much more often than I’d like to is women who have so much to give and so much to offer, but lack the confidence to use their ideas, gifts and talents fully. 

Having a moment of clarity where everything magically becomes clear, only to hesitate, doubt themselves, and make the age old mistake of asking the opinion of others about what they should do with it. 

This inevitably leads to the flash of inspiration being diluted, waiting and the procrastination this breeds, which then in turn leads to more self doubt, more questioning and more evidence to support the lack of confidence that triggered the chain of events in the first place. 

It’s exactly why I created this mini-course ‘Create Unshakable Self-Belief’, because when you start to take action in the direction of your own inspired ideas, magical things begin to happen.

I’ve seen it time and time again... 

I can't wait to hear how it unfolds for you!



"Loved Lesson 1 - discovered by writing down the answers that I worry a lot! I worry about doing a good enough job, I worry about what others think of me and say about me, both at work and at home.I will keep working through this, thank you.

Mel, thank you - since I wrote that down I actually feel lighter. I didn't realise how much I was worrying and how much it was impacting on my wellbeing until I started focusing on this. I realised after working through Lesson 2 that I am making progress on figuring out what makes my heart and soul happy and aiming to do more of that. This program is definitely the catalyst I needed. Lesson 3 is tomorrow :) Thank you.

Mel, loving this course - keep inspiring me. :)"


"Enjoying this process! Each morning I sit and take in another lesson and then let it marinade throughout the day. It's nice to see others comments as mine are very similar. Fear of failure, rejection, being judged, being too old to start a business, being relevant....but what got me today was the question of "what feeds your fears"? I realized that if I don't take action towards my fears (which I do realize is where growth can be found) then I don't run the risk of feeling something I don't think I can handle."


"Thanks Mel -  This was the lesson I needed TODAY! The grief of losing my husband is a trigger that still pops up. It manifests in being critical of others which I just learned today! Taking the time to lean into that feeling of grief for a bit and then finding and recognizing all of the joys in my life will be a more positive process. I commit to daily prayer/reading and moving my body as habits!"

If you're ready to find a different way...

A way that feels authentic and powerful and enables you to shine your light brightly in the world...

A way where you find the courage to say NO to things that don’t make you feel good and say YES to things that scare you... 

A way that gives you the confidence to blow your own trumpet AND feel good when you’re doing it... AND the conviction to speak your truth and follow your passions and purpose...

I'd love you to join me. I can't wait to see you there!

Gain Instant Access for £19

"Mel I don't know how you do it, but you just ask the right questions to help us find the answers! "