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Does this feel familiar?..

Successful on the outside, deep down you secretly feel like something is missing...

You have a growing sense of urgency that you need to make changes...

You know deep down you have more to give and feel frustrated you are not fulfilling your true potential... 

You feel stuck with the same stories, frustrations and doubts constantly running through your head... 

Stop the Self Sabotage

Identify what's keeping you stuck and know exactly what to do to overcome your self limiting beliefs and create new habits that support your mindset and lead to success

Know What Steps to Take

No more confusion as you pour your thoughts, ideas and insights into a clear framework that provides you with a strategy and plan to follow for powerful transform and change 

Don't Walk Alone

Feel completely supported to push yourself beyond your current limits to create a renewed life and legacy centred on your unique talents and gifts

If you're ready to overcome the beliefs and fears that keep you stuck and hold you back from fulfilling your unique potential - I can show you exactly what steps to take. 

To redefine success and live life on your terms.

To Become Wildly Authentic.

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Becoming Wildly Confident

12 weeks

It feels so frustrating to be stuck in a sea of self doubt, 'shoulds' and never enoughs...

Would you love to know the exact Strategies to take bold Action, develop Momentum and grow in Confidence as you meet and exceed your goals?

This fast paced 12 week coaching programme is a field tested and science backed path to achieving your goals through learning the exact strategies and habits of the world's most successful people. 


Becoming Wildly Authentic

6 Months

Do you know deep down you have more to give? 

Would you love to have the Clarity, Courage and Confidence to redesign your life and know exactly how to fulfil your highest potential?

A 6 month transformational coaching programme for women ready to identify your souls deepest desire, understand the unique gifts you have to offer the world and know exactly how to turn your vision into your reality. 


Living and Leading Authentically

6 or 12 Months

Splattered, Frazzled, Plate Spinning and on a roller coaster of highs and lows...

An powerful coaching journey over 6 or 12 months to support and challenge you to overcome imposter syndrome, feel deeply confident in yourself and your abilities and have an abundance of energy to fulfil your potential and develop your Authentic Leadership Brand.


Working with Mel was a pleasure and has been one of the most valuable investments of time I have made in my career. She is engaging, insightful and curious asking the most wonderful coaching questions which really stretched my thinking. Mel is a special and extremely talented individual who helps others reach their potential in the most inspiring way.

Simply put, Mel is awesome. She is warm and genuine and I felt instantly comfortable with her. She genuinely cares about you and your dreams and desires.

Her "Clarity Call" is amazing. I discovered things I didn't know about myself, or didn't realise were motivating me and steering my life. Armed with that knowledge I have already achieved the majority of my vision for the next 12 months in little over 5 weeks!!

And to top it all, opportunities I would never even have imagined have also presented themselves and thanks to Mel's work I have had the courage to say yes!

If you want to change your life for the better, I highly recommend connecting with Mel. You won't regret it. Not only will you have an amazing professional aiding you, but a friend to support you or kick your butt into shape as needed! ;)

Thank you Mel xx

Kate Hollamby

Screenwriter & Author

Kate Hollamby

Screenwriter & Author

Thank you Melanie for always pushing me to be, do, and have, more, you have the unique ability to recognise my comfort levels and you always encourage me to lean in and grow more through action. I am so grateful for all you have guided me through and all you continue to. I love working with you and look forward to our sessions.

Lora (McCluskey) Caven

CHPC Coach & Entrepreneur

Lora (McCluskey) Caven

CHPC Coach & Entrepreneur

Why Success Doesn't Have to Mean Working Harder!

Download the freshly created coaching tool Mel will be using with all of our clients in 2019 and discover the '5 Steps to Live a More Authentic Life'.

Just tell us where to send your COMPLIMENTARY workbook below:

Are You Ready to Live Life More Authentically?

Then let's talk. Book a Clarity Call with me where we can connect more deeply and I can help you identify the most important actions to a more fulfilling and authentic life. It's also an opportunity for you to feel what's it's like to be coached by me, learn more about the coaching programmes I offer, and for us both to learn if we make a good team.


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