The world needs you to be Wildly Authentic 

Reclaim your Power

Say goodbye to guilt and putting yourself at the back of queue. Instead, meet your inner wise woman, learn how to silence your inner critic and develop deep confidence and conviction in yourself and your abilities.

Remove Overwhelm

Get more done in less time and stop the endless plate spinning. Learn the EXACT strategies of the worlds most successful people with a step by step process thats proven by extensive research and will completely transform your ability to succeed.

Unleash your Potential

Anything is possible when you are supported and challenged to fulfil your unlimited potential. Uncover your deepest desires and unashamedly create the life you KNOW deep down is waiting for you.

I'm Mel MacIntyre, Women's Leadership Coach and International Speaker.


I've made it my life's mission to empower, embolden and enable women (and a few good men!) to connect with your deepest potential and learn the exact strategies and tactics that will lead to you creating a wildly fulfilling and authentic life. 


If you're tired of letting your fears stop you from being the woman you know you can be and you'd love to create more balance, meaning and fulfilment in your life I'm so glad you found me. 



Wildly Authentic Sisterhood Coaching Circle

Monthly Coaching Circle

It feels so lonely at times, wondering if you are the only one who feels like you -  drowning in a sea of self doubt, 'shoulds' and never enoughs...

Imagine your feelings were actually your secret superpower and NOT your saboteur...

Would you love to be supported with the challenges you face on a regular basis? 

Would you love to know how to use your emotions to your advantage? 

Join Mel and the other soul sisters in this magical coaching circle community today and start to create amazing transformations in your life and career


Wildly Authentic Academy

16 Weekly Coaching Sessions

Imagine it felt EASY to be you... 

A life filled with ease, balance and fulfilment...

Are you ready to jump out of bed in the morning feeling energised and excited about the day ahead EVERY DAY and KNOW FOR SURE 2020 is going to be your best year yet?

Finally give Fear the middle finger, shake off the shackles of self doubt, develop unwavering confidence and create your Wildly Authentic Life through this 4 month group coaching programme offering support, challenge and accountability through sharing the exact strategies used by the world's most successful people


Wildly Authentic Leadership

6 or 12 Months Coaching Programme

Are you being called to have a greater impact in the world?...

Are you ready to go deep and unravel the answers that will lead you to creating a life filled with your deepest desires through sharing your unique talents and gifts?

With Mel as your very own personal coach, embark upon a powerful journey of self discovery and breakthroughs over 6 or 12 months. 

Meet your inner wise woman & Silence your inner critic

Connect with your deeper purpose & Learn cutting edge strategies and tools,

Identify your priority actions & Create a step by step plan to fulfil your potential and create your Wildly Authentic life.


Working with Mel was a pleasure and has been one of the most valuable investments of time I have made in my career. She is engaging, insightful and curious asking the most wonderful coaching questions which really stretched my thinking. Mel is a special and extremely talented individual who helps others reach their potential in the most inspiring way.

Simply put, Mel is awesome. She is warm and genuine and I felt instantly comfortable with her. She genuinely cares about you and your dreams and desires.

Her "Clarity Call" is amazing. I discovered things I didn't know about myself, or didn't realise were motivating me and steering my life. Armed with that knowledge I have already achieved the majority of my vision for the next 12 months in little over 5 weeks!!

And to top it all, opportunities I would never even have imagined have also presented themselves and thanks to Mel's work I have had the courage to say yes!

If you want to change your life for the better, I highly recommend connecting with Mel. You won't regret it. Not only will you have an amazing professional aiding you, but a friend to support you or kick your butt into shape as needed! ;)

Thank you Mel xx

Kate Hollamby

Screenwriter & Author

Kate Hollamby

Screenwriter & Author

Thank you Melanie for always pushing me to be, do, and have, more, you have the unique ability to recognise my comfort levels and you always encourage me to lean in and grow more through action. I am so grateful for all you have guided me through and all you continue to. I love working with you and look forward to our sessions.

Lora (McCluskey) Caven

CHPC Coach & Entrepreneur

Lora (McCluskey) Caven

CHPC Coach & Entrepreneur

Why Success Doesn't Have to Mean Working Harder!

Download the freshly created coaching tool Mel will be using with all of our clients in 2019 and discover the '5 Steps to Live a More Authentic Life'.

Just tell us where to send your COMPLIMENTARY workbook below:

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Then let's talk. I can help you work out exactly what actions to take to stop feeling stuck and begin to create the life you have dared to dream of. All it takes is one phone call and 60 minutes to begin to change your life. Please DON'T book a call with me if you expect me to listen to your excuses - the time for moaning is OVER. It's time to get to WORK.


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