Want more balance in your life? Get more Ambitious


Why Ambition is so important to possessing more balance in your life.


Ambition - external rewards land of ego


Ambition - internal motivation and reward - meaning, impact, purpose - your WHY


Why is it so important? Because it raises your sense of necessity - and in an endeavour that is challenging, fraught with failure and setbacks - you need to raise your necessity to keep going and not give up.


So how on earth does this fit with balance?! Because to create the balance you need to take action swiftly, imperfectly, and learn as you go - it’s how you get more done in less time. Its how you have a bigger impact without overwhelm and burnout. It’s how I created a successful 6 figure business with a baby, who became a toddler with no external childcare! 

I want this for you. I want this for every woman. 


How do you draw on your ambition to fuel your necessity?


1) Each morning connect with your WHY - remind yourself...

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It sneaked up on me and got me good! (MINDSET)

abundance business coach Jul 29, 2020

FEAR! It was masquerading as ‘making sure’.


It was in a cunning disguise of ‘you need to get it right’


It was wearing technicolour stripes shouting ‘can you really take this money from your family and ask them to support you AGAIN?’ 


I had reached out to a business coach I really admire, and who I know admires me (you can see part of our masterclass here) to explore working together. 


I had reached a pivotal moment in my business after an extremely successful few months. I felt clear on the road ahead and the business and marketing strategies I wanted to use. But I had a sense, a niggle and a knowing that if I committed to work with a phenomenal new coach NOW that the next 6 months could be life changing for me and my family and the number of people I could reach with my work and message.


So we talked, it felt good. She was all in. I said I felt committed but needed to talk it over with Charlie. Which I...

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Are you ready to create a breakthrough in your business?


Yesterday was a great day. 


I was reminded of the importance of supporting each other as small business owners, and how easy it can be to make a huge difference in the life of another business owner.


My team keep pleading with me to give them more photos of me - so i listened to a little intuitive hit to reach out to the amazing Stevie J Singh as I realised I could get our paths to cross while I am on holiday in Edinburgh next month.


Stevie produced these amazing shots from an event I ran in Edinburgh in December and really captured the essence of me, the room and the energy we created. 


It didn’t take us long to agree a package, a concept, a plan for our shoot and within a few short hours I had invested in the future of my business - and gained the pleasure of supporting another business.


Stevie shared I was his first booking since lockdown and Covid hit - and it has hit lots of small businesses hard. I was so delighted...

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It can ALL CHANGE so quickly!


It can ALL CHANGE so quickly... Imagine...
  • Asking your boss for what you want and getting it after putting it off for months.
  • Running your first new consultation process for a brand new client and helping them create incredible, transformational results in only a few hours.
  • Doing it scared but leaning in to your potential and the dreams you hold for your business and the impact you want to have in the world.
  • Getting clear on the direction you want your life to take in only a few weeks. Finding the direction and clarity that has eluded you for a lifetime.
  • Falling in love with your children all over again as you set the intention to become a present mum who focuses on the joy and meaning your little ones bring to your life.
  • Having a conversation that requires courage and planning but that you know is the route to you finding more meaning, fulfilment and authenticity in your life and how you live it.
These are just a few examples of the amazing results my clients...
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Top 5 tips to increase your impact, income and ability to succeed in a downturn


Would you love to significantly increase your impact and visibility, 7 x your income and double your followers within 8 weeks?


Do you dream of having others support you in your business to help you step up and lead with the impact and influence you know deep down is possible?


In this email I want to share exactly how I have created the most successful period in my business to date over the last 90 days and also how my clients have done the same.


Imagine investing £6k in a coaching programme and making that investment back within 2 weeks...Before you even created your growth strategy to take you to 6 figures within 6 months!


How about creating your most successful month of income AND taking 2 weeks off on holiday during the same month...


This is exactly what my amazing client Sarah has just achieved as we begin her second round of business coaching.


Imagine all of this being done in the context of a massively shrinking economy where so...

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Finding Balance in the Chaos - Top 5 Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

The world we live in is changing - rapidly. And many of us are being thrust into spinning even more plates than usual (and there were plenty to begin with!). We are being challenged to find a balance between caring for our families - some of whom are remote and struggling themselves, homeschooling our kids, running our businesses, finding more time to do simple tasks like shopping (which has now become running the gauntlet for some) and if we are lucky we might get to wash today. Grim but true! 


You might be wondering - How on earth can you increase your productivity during such challenging times?... 


What I know for sure due to my own personal experiences and that of hundreds of my clients is that...

In your most challenging times lie the richest opportunities to grow, expand and if needed find new ways of thinking, doing and being that enable you to rise and fulfil even more of your potential


Don't take my word for it, it's science! Have...

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Wildly Authentic Resource- Imagination

coaching leadership coach Apr 21, 2020

Imagination; A Power Tool Used to Build Authentic Vision!  

Have you ever stopped to watch a child fully immersed in imaginative play? 

There are forts, tea parties, dinosaur races and whole worlds of limitless possibilities. 


Most children have crystal clear vision. They can tell you what they want to be when they grow up, all the names of their friends real or imagined. The child naturally has a thirst for life. Wake up, play hard- do it again the next day.


What about adults? What about women with responsibilities? Do we shut ourselves off to the world of possibilities available to us by neglecting the power of our imagination and strength of our passions and desires? 


Pablo Picasso once said: “If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse... but surely you will see the wildness!”


He was tapping into HIS expression of a wild horse seen and created through HIS imagination. His horse was...

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What the world needs now….

authentic success Mar 30, 2020

Is you shining your light - now more than ever. 


There has never been a better time to hatch a plan that will lead you to a more meaningful and purposeful way of living your life.  


How does that feel? Does it fill you with fear, frustration perhaps anger?


Or does it fill you with the sense of possibility and perhaps a little nervous feeling in your tummy? 


As you watch my latest video 'What the world needs now' ask yourself...

How does being authentic help me to show more compassion? 

How can I help the world more through helping myself more? 


Becoming Wildly Authentic is about dancing to the beat of your own drum. 


The drumbeats of our lives determine how we feel, how much we do or get done, how much we move, how often we laugh and feel joy. 


In some cultures, the playing of the drums symbolizes the freedom a people had lost and their struggle to regain it.


What freedom are you most...

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I'm here for you and I want us to be here for each other



I'm here for you and I want us to be here for each other

We are facing unprecedented times.

We are in a state of upheaval.

We are being faced with decisions and dilemmas that are causing us to question so much we previously took for granted. 

And it feels hard and scary. 

Let's do it together - Come and join me in my Facebook group where I will be offering support and Live Q&A sessions over the coming weeks and months.

Living and Leading Authentically Facebook Group

Tell me specifically what you want to be supported with and I'll help you in anyway I can.

See you in there, Mel x

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I'm Coming Out The Closet...

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2020

To ask a very important question... Do Spirituality and LOVE Belong in Business?


Since leaving my 'successful' but unfulfilling corporate career I've slowly but very surely come out of my spiritual closet. 


It has taken me 5 full years to explicitly say this and write about it publicly - mainly because I now have enough strength in my own conviction of belief and a massively increased capacity to bounce back from the impact of what other people think about me! 


So does spirituality belong in business?... I say YES, ABSOLUTELY - IT'S ESSENTIAL. 


And here's why. 


To me a large aspect of my spirituality is my capacity to love - myself and others, with minimum shame, judgement, negativity or expectation. 


And this capacity to love myself and others more freely has also helped me positively influence my ability to quiet the critical voice in my head that can rage and ruminate and play negative stories on...

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