How Powerful Men Can Champion Women's Equality with Andy Healy | Mel MacIntyre

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2023

We Can't Do It Alone: How Powerful Men Can Champion Women's Equality with Andy Healy 


Hello, and thank you for joining me for another rich, stimulating conversation about women’s empowerment!


If you haven’t caught up on my article about the INCREDIBLE interviews I’ve shared so far you should take a look here.


It has been such a joy to revisit these insightful and inspiring conversations, and I am so excited about the one I’m going to share with you today. 


When I decided to put together the International Women’s Day Interview series, I was intentional about not just talking to some of the game-changing women that I know. I decided to get the male perspective too. 


Because, sisters, there is a LOT of work to do. And our strides towards equality and equity are much longer when we have purposeful men on our side. 


And believe me, I picked an amazing one to dive into this essential topic with -...

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Raising Challenging Teenagers With An Open Heart in a Broken Society With Pei-I Yang | Mel MacIntyre

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2023

It is both bittersweet and beautiful to have finished revisiting my Interview Series in celebration of International Women’s Day.


Can you believe it?! 


Each one of these conversations was a blessing and privilege, and I am so full of gratitude that each individual spoke to me with such honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity. 


I rounded off this series by speaking to one of my beloved clients and a true force of change, Pei-I Yang. 


The founder of Rainbow Parenting Consulting, Pei-I is a parenting consultant with a difference. 


She has over 25 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and families with a wide variety of needs. With a background in clinical, management, training, and therapeutic settings, Pei-I works with every family individually to find strategies that will fix even the most broken of families who are raising challenging teenagers. 


She has a depth of skills, knowledge and...

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Why Women Resist Leadership and Their True Calling with Yvette Hopkins I Mel McIntyre

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2023

Hello again!


You know that feeling when you meet someone and it feels like it was ‘meant to be’. That’s exactly how it felt when I met the wonderful Yvette Hopkins. 

That’s why I had such an amazing time in conversation with Yvette earlier this year to celebrate IWD and talk all things women’s leadership in what is still in so many ways, a man’s world.

As a Military Officer, Commander, Commercial Executive, and NxD, Yvette Hopkins has extensive experience leading teams and large complex organisations in multiple high-stakes environments, domains, and sectors.

Most recently Yvette was involved in the Global “Space Race”, focusing on establishing a Scottish vertical launch spaceport contributing to an emerging and vibrant UK Space-based economy.

Prior to that, as a career intelligence officer, Yvette focused on outwitting the adversary, enhancing national security strategy & policy, whilst visibly leading cutting-edge...

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Maximising Your Marketing Mix: Lessons from Our Latest Webinar

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2023

If you happened to miss our latest enlightening masterclass there's no need to fret. This blog post aims to summarise the key insights, revelations and wisdom shared during the webinar, as well as to offer a few additional pearls of wisdom to help you on your marketing journey. 


The webinar's purpose was to aid YOU in creating the perfect marketing groove to call in more clients & skyrocket your sales while you dance to the beat of your own drum! 


Here’s what we covered and you can do too by watching the replay (link this comment to reply vid)


  • Unearth the perfect moves to attract more of your ideal customers in a fun and easy way through your very own Marketing Makeover.


  • Find the ideal 'Marketing Mix' for your business for the next 90 days that utilises the assets you already have and keeps feelings of overwhelm at bay.


  •  Learn a simple framework to keep your marketing fresh, relevant and continuously appealing to...
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Wealth for Women in Business: An Interview with Laura Wright | Mel MacIntyre

Uncategorized May 22, 2023

Wealth for Women in Business: Unlocking your True Purpose and The Life You Deserve with Laura Wright


For years I have been lit up inside by an unextinguishable fire. A fire that keeps me fighting for equality of economic opportunity for women everywhere.


That’s why this year for International Women’s Day, I wanted to mark the occasion and extend the celebrations with a powerful and purposeful Interview Series!


Each day, I spotlighted a different champion of women’s equality and equity - both female and male - and we had intimate, wide-ranging chats designed to lift you up and encourage you to lead at your next level. 


There was so much insane value in every conversation that I just HAD to share them again…


And my first guest was someone I know, love, and respect in buckets: Laura Wright - Sales and Business Strategist Extraordinaire. 


Laura is a coach and business consultant who transforms women into...

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The Wildly Awakened Way Show with Mary E Coughlin

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2021

I am so excited to share another story with you, recorded Live on Monday 27th September 2021 on my new Wildly Awakened Women Show!

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting to my special guest and beloved client Mary E Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-E, who I have known and loved since the very start of my own business journey and who has been, and always will be, a huge inspiration to me.

Mary is a global leader in neonatal nursing and has pioneered the concept of trauma-informed care for babies born too soon, their families, and the professionals who care for them. Her vision is to expand the scope of clinical care to embrace our shared humanity and heal the hurts that often go unnoticed in the fast-paced, technologically oriented business of healthcare. 

In order to realise this vision, Mary and her team have developed the Trauma Informed Professional Certificate Program. Through the journey of becoming trauma informed, leaders emerge and cultural transformation takes shape as a...

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The Wildly Awakened Way Show with Jax Lovelock

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

The power of hearing each other’s stories is so often underrated.

When we hear other’s experiences, what they have overcome and what they have achieved we connect with ourselves within those stories in a deep and profoundly meaningful way, cue a-ha moments and big realisations! 

This is exactly the intention behind my brand new show, The Wildly Awakened Way, and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off with our very first guest - the amazing Jax Lovelock!

Jax is a Creative Empowerment Coach, supporting those who are struggling under the weight of life to find balance and inner strength in their own way. She works intuitively with a kaleidoscope of creative and soul-full methods and techniques, to help individuals, soul-trader start-ups, and organisations to uncover, explore and live their potential. Although life seems to pull us in myriad directions, Jax passionately believes that each and every one of us can break free, find our own path and navigate it with...

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Creating Wealth Without Shame

As a business owner, do you know your worth? 

Do you sell yourself and your services effortlessly and feel in complete alignment when you make offers to your clients and prospective clients? 

Is your business designed to enable revenue and money to flow to you with ease, expectation and predictability? 

These are some of the questions I explored in my recent podcast interview with the lovely Susanne Reiker on The Blissful Biz Podcast.

You can listen to my interview using the link below. I really enjoyed chatting with Susanne as I see all too often through my work as a business mentor to women who have a heartfelt mission, that they are often held back by shame, self doubt and an inability to receive and allow money to flow to them with ease in exchange for their services. 

I love working with my clients on this area as it is so powerful to remove the blocks that stop you from generating all the wealth and abundance that your heart desires. 

If this sounds...

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Do you love what you do?

I wanted to share a real PINCH ME MOMENT!


I was in the Guardian newspaper (only my fave paper!) talking about a cause I would die on a hill for - Defining success on your terms, using the biggest challenges you face to grow in strength and resilience, and designing a life that makes your heart sing.


I deeply believe we all deserve a life filled with freedom, balance, impact, meaning and fulfilment.


I was determined when I created my business after my 'successful' corporate career which also led to my burnout I would find another way.


Now my business is the vehicle through which I serve and support others to realise their fullest potential and get paid well for it, provide for my family and build a new world and way of doing business.


What was once a dream, shot down by the naysayers is now my day to day reality.


Times are changing.


You CAN have it all. You just need to know HOW.


That's exactly why I designed my free live...

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Would you love to perfect your elevator pitch?

Imagine the feeling as you answer the dreaded ‘what do you do?’ question effortlessly and succinctly!


We are embarking upon week 3 of the Wildly Authentic Business Incubator and this week we are deep diving the MESSAGE for each business and business owner participating.  As a purpose led, passion driven business owner, your message is the medicine you know the world needs.  It is how you express your mission, your desire to serve others and create meaningful change in the world. It is the primary vehicle through which you connect with your clients and start to have a meaningful dialogue with them. 


Taking time to explore the message you want your business to stand for is a step that all too often busy business owners can skip over or outsource to someone else. Although you may want to call in some expert copywriting help as your business grows and evolves - there is no one in the world who can know your clients as intimately as you do. ...

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