Mel MacIntyre is a Speaker and Intuitive Business Coach who deeply believes the world needs us all to become wildly awakened and is on a mission to help business owners cultivate their intuition as their number one business strategy. 
Mel has been trained by the world’s leading performance coach and is a trained intuitive coach and has spoken on international stages as a Keynote Speaker. Her unique blend of science based strategies and soul centred inquiry is what gives her such an exciting edge and engaging narrative as a Speaker and Mentor.
Mel is an Ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland using her voice to represent and promote women and their interests in business through politics and media and has been featured in the Guardian and BBC along with many more publications.
Mel lives on a small island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland (Population 140 people!) with her partner Charlie and son Maximilian. 


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Stressed woman swaps six-figure salary for life on a remote island

"I’m quite a positive person and could always find a reason to get up, but that day I realised something had to change," says Mel. "I wanted a career that helped people and I wasn’t feeling rewarded. 

Why the World needs more Women Who Lead

"In deciding who I wanted to work with and the change I wanted to facilitate in the world through my business, I turned to my own experiences and challenges as a woman who wanted to be successful in what is still very much a man’s world."

An Interview with Industry Leaders

"I work with women who know they are here to have a bigger impact and don't want to struggle or make sacrifices anymore. I use coaching and a proven research-based curriculum blending cutting edge strategy, science-based tools and spiritual practices."

'A career change saved my life': the people who built better lives after burnout

“There’s this narrative in society which is that in order to be successful, you’ve got to sacrifice your health or your relationships, or things that are important to you. You’ve got to hustle. And I really don’t agree with that.”

The Five Principles That Lead To Inevitable Success

'When you see your success as an inside job life becomes' so much easier.'



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