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Design Your Wildly Authentic Business Challenge 

Design a profitable business that helps you provide for your family with confidence, fulfil your unique mission and purpose, and serve at the highest level doing work you LOVE! 

3 Lessons over 3 Days. Are you in?

YES! I'm In!

When your soul is nudging you, whispering in your ear and calling you forward to bring your deepest dreams and business ambitions to life, only to have your ego jump in, slam on the brakes and hit you with every fear, worry, doubt and anxiety it can find to keep you stuck and spinning your wheels. 


‘Can I really earn a decent living doing what I love?’

‘What if I go for it and fail?’

‘What if I go for it and succeed? What if I’m so busy and overwhelmed that I have less time with my family and no work-life balance?’

‘How can I charge for ME? How on earth do I even start to price and sell myself?!’


What if it were possible AND there was a tried and tested framework that could show you the exact steps to take for you, and when to take them?

Simple, effective steps to design a business that is profitable AND allows you to fully realise your passion and purpose every day! 

What if the challenges and experiences life has provided you with were placed on your path to specifically help you fully awaken to your infinite potential and create a business that creates impact and profit?

Let me show you exactly how to transform your soul’s purpose into a lucrative passion-led business that enables you to fulfil your unique mission and share your message with the world.


You are a coach, consultant or service provider here to be of great service to the world and your soul is calling you to step up and serve at a higher level

You have an existing business that is not where you want it to be or a business idea that you need to get off the ground

 You have a deep longing to finally make a success of your business and have the impact you know is possible for you

You want proven strategies, processes and frameworks to follow that take away the guesswork and let you get into flow each day

 You are still in a corporate job or working for someone else but you are feeling the call to create a business of your own 

You are hesitating, holding back, feeling scared and doubting yourself and perhaps wondering if you are really worthy of this big mission you have to fulfil

You are ‘efforting’ in how you approach your business and wondering how you will ever make it work with only 24 hours in the day

You are ready to be a channel of abundance and security for your family and for your business to be a vehicle for more satisfaction and freedom in your lives


          PURPOSE - Defining Your Unique Mission & Message


You’re here for a reason. We all are. And one of the best ways to leave a legacy is to create a business that enables you to fulfil your unique, soul-aligned mission in a way that’s also fun, rewarding and profitable. In this session we will identify your purpose and tap into the answers that live within you.

We’ll be covering:

  • What makes you unique? Why are you here? What is you calling and the difference you’re here to make?
  • Exactly how to let go of your fears FOR GOOD!
  • How to design a business that positions you uniquely in the marketplace and enables you to serve at your highest level.


          PROFIT - Designing a profitable business model


The fear of the unknown can so often stop us from getting started.  You will never need to ask the question “CAN I REALLY BE PAID WELL FOR DOING SOMETHING THAT I LOVE?’ again after applying the strategies and tools I share with you on Day 2.

I’ll be sharing:

  • An incredibly powerful, game-changing tool I use with my private business mentoring clients which will show you your exact business revenue potential.
  • Ways to achieve crystal clear clarity around your earnings for the next week, month and year.
  • Pricing strategies to create the perfect value in the marketplace and your life. 

          PRODUCTIVITY - Identifying the actions that lead to success


Creativity, talent and strategy can’t succeed alone. In this session we’ll cover the most important actions you can take to set yourself up for success and feel equipped to do so. 

Together we will:

  • Identify the biggest risks and barriers that prevent you from being truly successful and how to create a profitable business that adds meaningful value to your life and the world. 
  • Discuss exactly what you need to do to become a confident action-taker in your life and business - even when you feel scared!
  • Identify the daily habits and practices that will radically increase your productivity and the framework you can follow to continue building a wildly authentic and successful business.

Creator of the The Wildly Authentic Way, The Wildly Successful Business Framework and owner of a highly successful coaching business that enables me each day to answer the call of my soul and contribute to raising the consciousness of the planet.

I live a life filled with freedom, love, meaning, fulfilment, creativity and impact. Dancing each day to the beat of my own drum, I spend time in nature, moving my body, being a present mama to my son, cooking fresh food, walking barefoot in the sand and paddle boarding in the Atlantic.

My business enables me to live this life filled with balance and meaning. 

I also devote 4 days a week to working with my amazing and perfectly aligned clients. Women who know they are here to make a bigger difference in the world and are ready for the increased ease and impact that accompanies being supported and championed by someone who has walked the path before them.

But my life hasn’t always felt this easy or magical. In fact, it used to be fraught with anxiety, worrying and wondering, driven by a deeper knowing I was here to make a difference but having no idea HOW I would do that or even where to start. When I left my corporate career I only knew two things -

1 - I desperately needed to do work that made a difference in the world and helped people and my own business was the best way to achieve this 

2 - That no matter what obstacles I faced or how difficult it would be - I would never give up and I would find a way to make it work

I've since learned through creating my 6-figure global coaching and mentoring business that anything is possible.

In the last 6 years of owning my business, I have travelled the world to learn from the very best coaches and mentors on the planet, been invited to coach for a global personal development company where I honed my skills to a level I am immensely proud of, been invited to speak on international stages, become an Ambassador for other women in business and coached hundreds of amazing people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds from all over the world.

I have also cared for my dad as he died, become a mother and moved to a wild, remote and achingly beautiful Hebridean island in Scotland. All while growing my business and all without childcare!

My business provides our family with choice, time, balance and financial freedom. 

My business is also the perfect vehicle to fully realise my unique soul mission - to help women become wildly authentic and wealthy through creating wildly successful businesses that are an expression of their soul.

I know without doubt that your dreams really can become a reality. 

The business you dream of having is not only a place to channel your passion and realise your purpose, but can be incredibly profitable as well.

That’s exactly why I designed this challenge and what I want to do for you as your business mentor in the Design Your Wildly Authentic Business Challenge.

Now is the time to…

Unleash your full potential and use your gifts and experiences to change the world

Design a business that gives you everything your heart desires and is the perfect vehicle to realise your soul's mission

Receive all of the abundance life has to offer you and to let go of the fears and doubts that hold you back

Stop waiting and start creating the life and business that will leave the world a better place than you found it - for yourself, your family and all the people you are destined to serve

If you have a deep longing to create a bigger impact through your business, and are ready to serve at your highest level, I’d love to be your guide.