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Awakened Woman Leadership Mastermind


If you are a woman who knows she’s here to have a bigger impact. And you are determined not to create that through hustling, working harder or faking it. If you are ready to expand fully into the woman you came here to be and change the world through your work and your leadership.


Join me on a 12 month journey of self discovery to unlock your next level of impact and income, elevate your leadership and claim your full power and potential through an intimate programme with up to 12 women with content and sessions shaped for exactly where you are and what you most need to learn to move forward.

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YOU - Ready for Change

You’re ready for change and you know it starts with how you treat yourself and talk to yourself. You recognize your mindset has been holding you back and you would flourish if you gave yourself the same love you so freely give to others. You want to invest in yourself and get re-inspired to see what wonders unfold in your life.


The Wildly Authentic Way Masterclass Series

Learn the exact tools and strategies to connect with your inner wisdom, increase your confidence and amplify your soul’s voice in how you live your life each day.

I'm ready for change

YOU - Blossoming Business Owner

You have the idea for a business or you’re already out the starting blocks, and you want to rapidly increase your ability to attract clients and cashflow with maximum speed. Your business is an expression of your soul, so this can make it feel super scary to share your baby with the world. You are ready to do what it takes to create a consistent flow of clients and dramatically increase your impact.

The Wildly Authentic Business Incubator

An immersive 12 week programme giving you the exact tools, templates and tactics to transform your soul’s calling and unique mission into a lucrative, service led business.

It's time to grow my business, increase my clients and cashflow

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