3 ways to create and sustain powerful momentum in your life and business today

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

MOMENTUM - It’s such a powerful and magical ingredient to your success and the success of your business. I kicked off my new Wildly Authentic Business Incubator programme this week and our first lesson was devoted entirely to this topic. 


Momentum can be described as “The impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.”


Step one of my Wildly Successful Business Framework - MOMENTUM is designed to help you harness the power of 3 core areas in your business and your mindset to rapidly increase your results and set you up for accelerated success over a 12 week period. The results the participants are generating after only a week are pretty mind blowing!

  • Someone signed up 3 new clients and received 2 hot leads,
  • Another participant secured a coaching contract with a business school providing her access to 100 business graduates who are her ideal client target market!
  • Another raised a £20k purchase order after grappling with serious self doubt and imposter syndrome.

The support of a proven framework and kick ass community of like minded, driven and ambitious business owners is a very special type of magic! 

Here are some practical things you can do today which will help you to create amazing momentum in your own life and business. 


1 -  Have 1 big, ambitious goal for each 90 day period in your business 


This is all about creating and setting a strong sense of direction and prioritisation in your business. If I asked you, ‘What is the one big goal you are working towards over the next 90 days?’  Would you be able to answer me? Would it only be 1 big goal?! The key is to know with absolute clarity if nothing else was to happen over the next 90 day period, what would ultimate success look like? This level of clarity enables you to have a laser focus on the things that are most important in helping you to achieve that goal and will radically increase your ability to succeed with more ease and much less overwhelm - the dream right?! 

Then know which goals or projects will support you to achieve the big goal. Let me give you an example -  

Big Ambitious WABI Goal - 

To sign up 5 new clients and create £10k of revenue by July 30th. 

Supportive goals - 

  • To create a solid lead generation process in my business 
  • To increase my confidence and ability to sell myself and my services 
  • To increase my visibility by committing to a weekly live video that I can repurpose across different online platforms 

What is your initial instinct about your Big Ambitious Goal? What is the most important and valuable thing you can focus on in your business over the next 8-12 weeks? Get clear on this and magic will happen! 


2 - Prioritise the habits that will lead to your success 


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Will Durrant


You are your habits - like it or not it’s a truth we cannot avoid! In the extensive study undertaken over the last 15 years or so by the High Performance Institute, there are 6 core habits that the world's most successful people have in common. These habits and this research form the basis of my coaching certification as a Certified High Performance Coach and I know from experience and coaching hundreds of people in this methodology just how powerful and effective it is. Here are the 6 habits - 



Know who you are, how you want to interact with others, what you want to achieve. Be intentional about your thoughts and actions.



Build up significant reserves of energy so that you can maintain effort and focus for sustained periods of time. Care for your mental and physical well-being, and bring positive emotions to your work.



Tap into the reasons why you absolutely must perform well, both internal (identity, values, standards of excellence) and external (obligations, dependents, public commitments, deadlines)



Focus on the highest leverage actions within what Brendon calls your “prolific quality output” (PQO), the area where you can drive the greatest impact. Forget about all other distractions.



Connect with others to influence them to support your efforts and projects. Build trust with others to enable strong collaboration towards joint goals.



Advocate for your ideas, take bold actions, stand up for yourself and for others.


What habits do you need to prioritise to support you in creating more success with more ease? 


3 - Ensure you hold the beliefs that assume your success not your failure 


Beliefs are assumptions we hold to be true. They are developed through our past experiences and help us to predict what may happen in the future based on those past experiences. They help us make sense of the world around us. The challenge with this is, when we use our beliefs to make decisions or influence our actions, we can assume our past experiences will lead to the same result in the future.

So a challenging experience - real or imagined in our past can stop us from believing in our ability to achieve a different outcome in the future.

That's how at a very simple level we create 'self limiting beliefs'. The great news is our beliefs can change and we can influence them today. There is no doubt some beliefs we hold are very deep rooted and can form a great deal of our identity and we would never want to let go of them - they make us who we are.

Our job is to recognise those that do not fit who we are becoming and take the opportunity to reconsider, reframe and rewrite the beliefs that we hold about ourselves as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. To create alignment between our beliefs, goals, habits and daily actions.

So to support you in creating momentum and why not try answering these questions - 

Set a powerful intention for the next 8 - 12 weeks… What are you going to create and achieve? What will success look and feel like?  

What belief are you choosing to adopt today which will ultimately mean your success is inevitable?

What old, outdated belief do you need to release to set yourself up for maximum success?

Now, over to you! What will you do today to create more momentum in your life and business? I’d love to know and I can’t wait to hear about the amazing results you create!

Love, Mel 

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