The Wildly Awakened Way Show with Jax Lovelock

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

The power of hearing each other’s stories is so often underrated.

When we hear other’s experiences, what they have overcome and what they have achieved we connect with ourselves within those stories in a deep and profoundly meaningful way, cue a-ha moments and big realisations! 

This is exactly the intention behind my brand new show, The Wildly Awakened Way, and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off with our very first guest - the amazing Jax Lovelock!

Jax is a Creative Empowerment Coach, supporting those who are struggling under the weight of life to find balance and inner strength in their own way. She works intuitively with a kaleidoscope of creative and soul-full methods and techniques, to help individuals, soul-trader start-ups, and organisations to uncover, explore and live their potential. Although life seems to pull us in myriad directions, Jax passionately believes that each and every one of us can break free, find our own path and navigate it with courage, confidence, clarity and fun!

In this interview we explore Jax’s story and what led her to walk away from her job to set up her business as a Creative Empowerment Coach, and to share the lessons she has learned in her journey so far in becoming a wildly awakened woman!

In this episode we explored - 

  • The gifts available from following your heart, your passions and your talents 
  • Overcoming chronic anxiety, divorce, moving across the country, bereavement of a loved one all while being a mama and raising 2 daughters
  • Walking away from paid employment to set up a business 
  • How life is often providing us with pieces of the jigsaw we need for our destiny to all fall beautifully into place but hindsight is what helps us see that

It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Jax and I think all who joined us live will agree how empowering Jax is.  The responses from watchers showed that Jax's story resonated and we all have to thank her for being so brave in sharing how she has come to be where she is now - she is one strong lady and this interview met my intentions perfectly.

I do hope you enjoy watching and I would absolutely love to hear how listening to Jax's story has made you feel so please do leave a comment below!


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