The Wildly Awakened Way Show with Mary E Coughlin

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2021

I am so excited to share another story with you, recorded Live on Monday 27th September 2021 on my new Wildly Awakened Women Show!

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting to my special guest and beloved client Mary E Coughlin, MS, NNP, RNC-E, who I have known and loved since the very start of my own business journey and who has been, and always will be, a huge inspiration to me.

Mary is a global leader in neonatal nursing and has pioneered the concept of trauma-informed care for babies born too soon, their families, and the professionals who care for them. Her vision is to expand the scope of clinical care to embrace our shared humanity and heal the hurts that often go unnoticed in the fast-paced, technologically oriented business of healthcare. 

In order to realise this vision, Mary and her team have developed the Trauma Informed Professional Certificate Program. Through the journey of becoming trauma informed, leaders emerge and cultural transformation takes shape as a caring collective of energised, empowered and engaged professionals. 

In this interview we explored Mary’s amazing story of how and when she came to realise her true calling.  Mary tells the story of the 'conception' of her business idea in such a beautiful way, retelling the pivotal moment that resulted in the 'birthing' of Caring Essentials back in 2013 - I would have tissues at the ready!  Caring Essentials' cause is to 'transform the experience of hospital care for babies, families and healthcare professionals' across the globe.

It’s been an honour to watch her grow and evolve as she has brought her groundbreaking and much needed work to the world. 

I also share more about why I've been called to bring this show to the world to share stories of women who have answered the call of their soul and committed to creating a business that supports their awakening and creates a legacy of change. 

Stories heal.

Stories inspire us.

Stories show us what's possible.

Stories connect us. 

I love stories! I'm so excited that I'm sharing more of my own story in my first book 'Creating Impact - Changemakers Who Overcame Adversity to Create a Positive Impact in The World' which is released on 8th October and will be available to buy on Amazon for only 99p. All proceeds from sales of the book during the launch are being donated to Book Aid International, a charity that provides books to refugees, schools, hospitals and prisons all over the world because books and stories change lives.

Leave me a comment if you'd love to buy a copy and we'll make sure we share the link with you. 


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