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Uncategorized May 22, 2023

Wealth for Women in Business: Unlocking your True Purpose and The Life You Deserve with Laura Wright


For years I have been lit up inside by an unextinguishable fire. A fire that keeps me fighting for equality of economic opportunity for women everywhere.


That’s why this year for International Women’s Day, I wanted to mark the occasion and extend the celebrations with a powerful and purposeful Interview Series!


Each day, I spotlighted a different champion of women’s equality and equity - both female and male - and we had intimate, wide-ranging chats designed to lift you up and encourage you to lead at your next level. 


There was so much insane value in every conversation that I just HAD to share them again…


And my first guest was someone I know, love, and respect in buckets: Laura Wright - Sales and Business Strategist Extraordinaire. 


Laura is a coach and business consultant who transforms women into seven-figure empire builders by creating structure in their business and showing them how to completely reframe how they think about their business model, so they can earn their highest income potential.


Not only is Laura my coach, but she has become a beloved friend too. I am in awe of her passion for wealth for women in business, all whilst helping her clients honour their values and the balance they crave to spend more time with the ones who matter most.


Here are just a few of Laura’s mind-blowing results over the past 20 years:


  • Closed over $43 million in sales 
  • Sold over $47 million worth of goods and services 
  • Helped 4,800 artists sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of work
  • Turned over 6-figure profits in real estate. 


In her current business, Epic at Sales, she has helped over 200 women reach their fullest income potential. 


We had a lot to talk about - and boy did we get into some juicy topics! 


Here are the top three takeaways I would love you to absorb from this conversation:


1) True success comes with seeking out your soul’s work 



To create a life that is in complete alignment with what we define as success, we need to harness our soul’s desires. 


As women, we tend to turn ourselves inside out and get lost in a sea of comparison. 


If we see someone who has achieved something we think we want, so often we will try and follow their path to get it. And then when it doesn’t work, we blame ourselves.


But really, the secret is unlocking what you really want and what is right for you. We need to tap into the impact we want to have on the world and understand the work that lights us up inside. 


Trust me, sister, I am speaking from experience! Both Laura and I have had just as many flops as we’ve had successes. 


And let’s be honest, ladies - we are SO hard on ourselves.


We have been told so many times what we can and can’t do that it makes us question our worth. And so many women are never bold or brave enough to package up their services in a way that charges for the value they have to offer the world as a result. 


Forge, not follow. That’s the invitation on the table. Forge your own path in life and business and hold on relentlessly to your vision, mission and the difference that you know you are here to make. 

2) We CAN balance professional success and joyful motherhood 



Laura and I believe that mothers in particular feel a whole other kind of strain. 


Because it can be difficult to simultaneously see yourself as both a great businesswoman and a great mother. Women take on so much of the caring load.


To become successful women in business, both Laura and I had to look into our souls to allow ourselves to receive wealth. As a result, we don’t have the most traditional households, but it works beautifully for our families. 

If our children are happy and whole and believe we are good mothers, we must absorb that and wear it proudly. 


We are raising children in a world that WE are creating. A world of boundless opportunity and abundance. Isn’t that the greatest joy of all?

3) We get to write our own story 



With all of that in mind, ask yourself these questions…


Who decides what it looks like to be an excellent mum? What it looks like to be a woman with an excellent career?


The answer might surprise you:


We do.


Just because your story looks different from everyone else’s, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. So write your own happy ending, baby.


Because here’s the thing - when smart women like you are completely aligned with your purpose, AND holding true wealth?


That is when the world changes. 


Because not only are we carving out our space and impact, but the more we make, the more we share. Breaking a broken system and championing wealth for women in business allows us all to dream bigger. 


You can check out my whole conversation with Laura right here.


I encourage you to carve out some time, brew a cuppa and treat yourself to something sweet while expanding what you think is possible for your business, life, and legacy. 


And keep your eyes peeled for my round-up of interview two, coming very soon!


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