What lies on the other side of your fears?

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

A few days ago I was brought face to face with my own old fears and it was a powerful experience on so many levels. 


I was cleaning out a drawer when a flash of colour caught my eye. Part of me instinctively knew what I was about to uncover and rediscover… My tummy flipped with a slight jolt of nervous excitement and curiosity.


I picked up the bits of card and began to unfold them. I read them hungrily and as I did so I was transported back to 5 years earlier when I was working with a business mentor and had undertaken an activity where I wrote my fears and self limiting beliefs on these very same bits of card so I could put them in a small, metal bucket.


I get distracted easily

I’m not a detail focused person

My power and authenticity will be challenged and I will crumble

I identify with things I’ve done in the past when I wasn’t my highest self and allow it to be a self fulfilling prophecy

I act awkward and don’t own my power and space with authority figures - teachers, coaches, clients


After letting the words sink in and reminiscing about how it used to feel to be me (*spoiler - It was bloody hard!)


The thing I noticed most was the lack of shame. I noticed the lack of shame because it was so absent. These fears, the thing that gave them so much power over me was how steeped in shame they were. I felt so ashamed to not be perfect. To have so many doubts. And I can't tell you how good it felt to be faced with my old fears and realise they no longer had any power over me. They were no longer 'truths'. 


My clients will often tell me ‘You so have your sh*t together!’ (I don’t I just do the work to handle my sh*t on a daily basis!) or that I am ‘self assured’ and I feel proud to claim that. Because I am self assured. Not because it comes naturally to me - but because I have worked diligently over the last 5 years on growing my confidence and self belief. I have faced countless trials and tribulations and faced my ‘dark night of the soul’ and I have kept going. I have sought advice, invested in the best coaches and mentors, taken leaps and tried new things before I felt totally 'ready'. It has resulted in miraculous things happening in my life and creating a wildly successful global coaching business that helps to make the world a better place. 


Creating a business that is an expression of your soul and sharing it with the world is in my experience one of the most scary and vulnerable things you can ever do. You put your whole heart out on show and have to deal with criticism, rejection, judgement and people who just don’t get it. And I've learned that is 100% ok. You are not for everyone and that is exactly how it's meant to be! 


But in my experience it is worth every single moment of worry and doubt.


Because through answering the call of your soul to create your business you become the person you were destined to be.


It’s a ‘becoming’ process.


You become the woman or man who has a highly successful business that changes the world for the better. You become someone who no longer sits and complains about the way the world is now and how terrible it is, or who dreams about what they really want to do.


You become the leader who makes it happen.


You become the creator of your own destiny and you also serve others to realise their own dreams and ambitions along the way.


What fears do you have that are stopping you from being all that you can be? 


What secret thoughts cause you to feel shame, self doubt and question your ability to succeed beyond your wildest dreams? 


Take some time today to excavate them and commit to releasing them, just like I did 5 years ago. Your future self is cheering you on because she already knows your dreams are so much closer than you think. But that's not all you can do to support yourself...


If you already have OR would love to create a wildly authentic and successful business that makes the world a better place I would love to talk to you! 


Does this sound like you?...

  • You have a business that aims to create positive transformation and change - a coach, consultant, yoga teacher or healer, or perhaps you are a creative or service based business. You would love to have a bigger impact and you are ready for guidance, support, strategy and to stop trying to go it alone.


  • You have a new business or you’re ready to birth your business baby and you know being supported would help you immensely to create the business you dream of 


  • You are still working in your career but restless and dream of leaving to set up your own business and help to make the world a better place 


If so, come and join my focus group on 8th April at 1pm UK. To register click this link and I can't wait to 'see' you there! 

Mel x


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