Why success doesn't have to mean working harder...

Having a clear vision and strategy in place is essential for any business owner or senior leader in business. It’s not something to be debated, it’s a given that you create this clarity and direction and that it guides your daily, weekly and monthly activity.

But how many of us take the time to have a clear strategy and vision for our wider life, our relationships, our health and career? If it’s a tool that works well in helping you to be successful and achieve relevant progress – why not apply it across other areas of your life that matter?


As leaders acquire more responsibilities and become more in demand, this often goes hand in hand with more plate spinning, juggling of priorities and busywork. Taking the time to get off the hamster wheel, invest in yourself and your vision for your future seems too indulgent, or something you think about doing but never get round to prioritising.


My coaching clients often say that taking the time to step back and think creatively about what they really want to achieve across their personal and professional life - and how they can create more clarity in their thinking - was a significant turning point in their lives that led to more success, achievement, contentment and happiness.


I love challenging my clients to get out of their head, take a holiday from the land of logic and left brain thinking and tap into other sources of data and wisdom available to them. With a clear strategy and research based tools, we work to create the space to connect more deeply with your feelings, instinct and intuition, unleash creativity and see what unfolds during this process. A great method to achieve this is creating a Vision Board, a visual tool you create using words and images to represent your goals, dreams and ambitions.


Joyce Schwarz, a serial entrepreneur who is the bestselling author of the book "The Vision Board," said,

"Images evoke feelings, feelings are the reasons we change our lives, the reasons we change behavior."


Getting clear on your intentions through this creative process, who you want to be as a leader, what you want to do with and have in your life, creates the clarity that enables you to direct your energy and attention behind the activities that will give you the maximum return for that investment and bring your vision into reality.


When my clients cite ‘busyness’ as a reason why they struggle to be more aligned with their vision and strategic priorities, we always revist their clarity - Are you clear on the legacy you want to create and leave in this world? With your family, your career, the causes you are passionate about? Now with that renewed clarity, how can you identify and strip out the busy work that is not taking you closer to creating your legacy?


The true meaning of productivity isn’t about how busy, or organised you are. It’s about what you produce – and even more importantly are you spending your time producing the things that reflect your true talents, utilise your uniqueness and build your legacy? If the answer is no then think about what it would take to make this happen - every moment of your life that is spent unintentionally is a moment wasted in living the life you are capable of.


Having clarity on your vision, your dreams for the future, your values and ambitions across your whole life is a powerful way to help you prioritise where you place your invaluable attention. And it allows you to direct your attention to creating your reality and results with increased consciousness.


"The best way to predict your future is to create it”
Abraham Lincoln


If through reading this, you feel called to connect more deeply with your own Vision, Join us at the next Vision Board workshop.

Alternatively, contact me at [email protected] for a free clarity conversation to explore your own and your organisations needs with no obligation. If I can't help personally, I love to share any sources or advice to help you progress your leadership.


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