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I wanted to share a real PINCH ME MOMENT!


I was in the Guardian newspaper (only my fave paper!) talking about a cause I would die on a hill for - Defining success on your terms, using the biggest challenges you face to grow in strength and resilience, and designing a life that makes your heart sing.


I deeply believe we all deserve a life filled with freedom, balance, impact, meaning and fulfilment.


I was determined when I created my business after my 'successful' corporate career which also led to my burnout I would find another way.


Now my business is the vehicle through which I serve and support others to realise their fullest potential and get paid well for it, provide for my family and build a new world and way of doing business.


What was once a dream, shot down by the naysayers is now my day to day reality.


Times are changing.


You CAN have it all. You just need to know HOW.


That's exactly why I designed my free live training - The Wildly Authentic Business Challenge.


During 3 live sessions over 3 days, I will help you create a profitable business design that helps you provide for your family with confidence, fulfil your unique mission and purpose, and serve at the highest level doing work you LOVE! 


This is for you if:


  • You are still in a corporate job or working for someone else but you are feeling the call to create a business of your own  
  • You are a coach, consultant or service provider here to be of great service to the world and your soul is calling you to step up and serve at a higher level
  • You have an existing business that is not where you want it to be or a business idea that you need to get off the ground


We start on 21st June at 7.30pm and will be live on 22nd and 23rd June at 7.30pm. Each session will last between 60-90 minutes and be action packed with practical, tangible steps you can take to design your very own purposeful, profitable business. 


I ran this challenge at the end of April and it was sooo much fun! I know some of you wanted to come and couldn't make it, so I hope you are able to carve out the time. 


If you are curious, or wondering if it is the perfect fit for you click the link below to learn more. 


Love, Mel x


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