Why knowing your unique mission is the secret ingredient in a wildly successful business

#coaching #mission #success May 21, 2021

It's week 2 of the Wildly Authentic Business Incubator and we have been working on our MISSION. Do you have a clear mission and use it to position yourself in the marketplace? 


What’s your big WHY in your life and business? Do you know it and use it to your advantage?


I’ve come to deeply believe we are all here for a reason. That we each have a unique role to play in creating the fabric of life. Each of our lives and legacies a thread in this miraculous and incredibly beautiful tapestry of life. 


For some of us, that means we have a calling to have a business. A business that helps us to fulfil our mission, use our talents and experiences - good and bad, and through our work and business realise our unique purpose. 


When we tap into and connect with this calling and deeper sense of purpose there are significant benefits it will bring to your business.


Your mission has the power to fuel you and propel you forward when you are faced with the inevitable doubts and fears that accompany reaching your fullest potential.

Your mission also has the potential to elevate your message, attract your clients and help people to connect with your vision and values. Having a strong and compelling vision for your business and helping your customers and clients to understand who you are and why you do what you do is widely seen as a competitive advantage. It’s also a wonderful way for you to fully realise and identify what’s possible for your business. To dream big about the difference you are here to make through your business. 


When I work with my business clients, we deep dive into your own mission, vision and the values of your business to create a blueprint for success that will distinguish you from your competitors and help your future clients and customers to know you are the best fit for them and feel confident in their decision to work with you. 


There are 3 main areas we explore - 


WHAT - Your business is an extension of you and the perfect vehicle for you to realise your fullest potential and make a meaningful difference in the world. It’s vital that you know where your business is going, what is most important about the work your business is here to do and also that you can set a clear and compelling vision for your business. We use a powerful process of self inquiry to uncover the most exciting and compelling vision for your business and help you to fully understand what your business is here to achieve. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to gain deeper clarity - 

  • Who and what does your business exist for? 
  • What are the core aims and objectives you hold for your business? 
  • What is the vision you are aiming to achieve? 


HOW - How you run your business is an essential aspect to consider as it will ultimately influence how much ease, flow, enjoyment and alignment you create in your business. This is often an aspect of business that is not considered until there are tensions in the business and issues occur. It might be working with clients who drain your energy as they don’t hold values or qualities that align with your own, working hours that stop you from having balance in your life and minimise your ability to enjoy your business or just getting into overwhelm and operating in a way that stresses you out. I passionately believe in YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR WAY. I love to work with clients to help you design your business in a way that enables you to create maximum enjoyment and maximum impact! When you run your business in this way I can assure you, you will never want to return to the old school mentality of believing working harder is the only way to creating better results. Ask yourself - 

  • How will you achieve that vision? 
  • What are the values your business will operate by? How can incorporate these values into how your business is run?
  • What are the skills and talents you hold that make you and your business unique? 

WHY - Identifying your big ‘why’ and the reason you are driven to have a business is such an important aspect of building a business with longevity. We can break it down into 2 broad areas of focus - a collective mission and an individual mission. Where these 2 aspects overlay is where you can gain immense clarity and identify your unique positioning to use in your messaging which will enable you to distinguish yourself in the marketplace as the ‘go to’ leader in your field.

Here are some questions to help you - 

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What is the ultimate Impact you are here to have? 
  • What is the ultimate impact your business will have on the world and your area of professional expertise?


Some of these questions may feel easy to answer and be things you have already considered. I also invite you to allow yourself to be surprised by some of your answers and what you may uncover.

One thing I know for sure is that you are here for a very specific reason and by the end of this lesson you will know exactly how to position yourself to a distinct advantage and feel a strong sense of confidence that you will succeed in your mission.

All you need to do is partner this clarity with commitment and your success becomes inevitable. 


Here's my mission -

'Our mission is to help people who are searching for more to connect with their unique potential and transform this into a thriving, profitable business that is the perfect vehicle to realise their purpose, harness their passions and create a life filled with freedom, balance, connection and impact.'

What do you think? Does it resonate? 


I'd love to know what your mission is - do comment below and tell me what you uncovered with your answers!


Love, Mel x


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