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Imagine the feeling as you answer the dreaded ‘what do you do?’ question effortlessly and succinctly!


We are embarking upon week 3 of the Wildly Authentic Business Incubator and this week we are deep diving the MESSAGE for each business and business owner participating.  As a purpose led, passion driven business owner, your message is the medicine you know the world needs.  It is how you express your mission, your desire to serve others and create meaningful change in the world. It is the primary vehicle through which you connect with your clients and start to have a meaningful dialogue with them. 


Taking time to explore the message you want your business to stand for is a step that all too often busy business owners can skip over or outsource to someone else. Although you may want to call in some expert copywriting help as your business grows and evolves - there is no one in the world who can know your clients as intimately as you do.  And if this is an area where you are lacking confidence or perhaps just sense you could be clearer, I want to share some simple steps you can take today to gain a much fuller understanding of your clients and the perfect words and phrases you can use to call them in. 


We can break your messaging down into 4 core elements - 

  • WHO you work with
  • WHAT you do
  • HOW you do it 
  • WHY you do it 


When I work with business owners, we use this to form your Core Ideology and also hugely inform your Unique Signature Methodology.  These are incredibly valuable assets in your business that when you invest the time and energy into getting right will give you a significant strategic advantage in the marketplace. 


Identifying your Perfectly Aligned Clients - Develop Your Ideal Client Profile 


Your Ideal Client Profile - A description of your ideal client that goes deep into their experiences, challenges and pain points and the transformation you help them to achieve that you can use when creating assets in your business. 


  • Who do you most want to work with? 
  • What are the characteristics of the clients you most enjoy working with and help to produce the best results? 
  • What are the challenges they face and the opportunities you know are available to them through using your products or services? 


These are just some of the questions I encourage you to explore when creating your ideal client profile. The purpose of this activity is to help you tap into who you most enjoy working with and who you know you can have the biggest impact on through your work. We have likely all experienced working with clients who aren’t a great fit and how challenging and demoralising this can be. Creating a wildly authentic business is about committing to yourself and your business that you will serve at your highest level and get maximum enjoyment and satisfaction from the work you do. This part of the process is vital to you calling in clients you love to work with and who love to work with you too. 


Connecting with your perfectly aligned clients is a vital element of becoming wildly successful in a way that feels easy and aligned with who you are at your best. It can be incredibly easy when we undertake this activity from the heart and feel a LOT like hard work if we try to write this from our heads. 


Top Tip - I would really encourage you to treat this as a journaling activity and devote small chunks of time to letting the words flow first thing in the morning. #SecretSuccessHack - Do this after meditating and when you are most connected with your inner wisdom. 


Getting Your Message Across Authentically - A Strategic Messaging Framework


Now you feel clearer on who you want to work with, it’s time to help them know in a clear and concise way WHAT you do and HOW you do it! Here are 2 frameworks you can use to help you with this. 


The Elevator Pitch - Ah, the sweaty top lip trembles I’ve had about being asked ‘So what do you do?’ at a networking event! I’m so glad I took the time to gain a deep clarity on my messaging to help this feel easier! The purpose of the infamous elevator pitch is NOT to sell someone on your idea or business. It is 100% about invoking curiosity and ideally engaging someone in further conversation and/or setting up a second meeting or introduction to someone who fits your ideal client profile. In my experience, the more simple you keep it the better. It’s much more effective to encourage a question to provide more information to an interested person than to see them recoil in overwhelm from trying to digest everything you said in one fell swoop! You can think of it as the Twitter version of your business plan - I read this recently and loved it! You are aiming for a maximum of around 75 words for a 30 second elevator pitch. 


An example framework you can use to create yours is…. I help..(client description)... who want more... (results) to (transformation and change you help them achieve). I absolutely love helping them because…(describe your bigger impact or mission) and my background/experience in (what makes you unique/your unique service proposition/ your unique twist) means they also get (additional benefit or result). 

Added extras to consider - Start with a question that links to the problem you solve i.e. Do you find yourself overwhelmed and always looking for more hours each day? Do you get tired of the rollercoaster of inconsistent cashflow that comes with being a small business owner? Then you can move onto.. I help business owners to increase their productivity and get more done each day by helping them implement systems, processes and automation in their business. This increases their ability to focus on more revenue generating activities, increase their clients and cashflow and gives them time back to do the work they love whilst also creating more profit without working more hours. 

Your Elevator Pitch Formula - I help…. who want more…. to….. I love it because… and this means my clients also benefit from…. 


So over to you - use this formula to create or review your existing elevator pitch and see what further clarity unfolds! 


You can use your Perfectly Aligned Client Profile to get your messaging on point. 

Now you have begun to create these assets for your business you have radically increased your clarity and ability to position yourself uniquely and at a distinct advantage in the marketplace. 


I’d love to know how you get on and please do share your elevator pitch with me! 



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