I am so excited to announce this one!

#coaching #freechallenge Apr 16, 2021

When I left my corporate job burnt out and broken 7 years ago I knew only 2 things -

1 - I desperately needed to do work that made a difference in the world which helped people and my own business was the likely the best way to achieve this 

2 - That no matter what obstacles I faced or how difficult it would be - I would never give up and I would find a way to make it work 

Since then I've gone on to build a life and a business that is beyond my wildest dreams!  And now I would love to help you do the same.


I'd love you to join me for the Design Your Wildly Authentic Business Challenge -

3 live 90min workshops over 3 days to design a business that is the perfect vehicle for you to -

  • Serve at your highest level doing work that you love,
  • Provide for your family with confidence and;
  • Fulfil your unique mission and purpose 

You can click here to register and claim your space 


It will run live via zoom and in my...

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