Creating Wealth Without Shame

As a business owner, do you know your worth? 

Do you sell yourself and your services effortlessly and feel in complete alignment when you make offers to your clients and prospective clients? 

Is your business designed to enable revenue and money to flow to you with ease, expectation and predictability? 

These are some of the questions I explored in my recent podcast interview with the lovely Susanne Reiker on The Blissful Biz Podcast.

You can listen to my interview using the link below. I really enjoyed chatting with Susanne as I see all too often through my work as a business mentor to women who have a heartfelt mission, that they are often held back by shame, self doubt and an inability to receive and allow money to flow to them with ease in exchange for their services. 

I love working with my clients on this area as it is so powerful to remove the blocks that stop you from generating all the wealth and abundance that your heart desires. 

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